Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I survived bootcamp...barely.

I had fabulous plans for getting a bunch of stuff done tonight…and then I took bootcamp.  I thought, sure, this will be great, it will challenge me, I’ll do something new and build some muscle.

Um, yes, it challenged me.  Yes, I do enjoy running but only when I want to run.  If you tell me to run, I will not want to.  If you tell me to sprint, I will curse you under my breath.  Welcome to my evening.

Apparently these people are like their only little family which was kind of awesome to see but made me feel like I was in high school, walking into the “cool clique” and while I may have sat there, waiting dreading the start and shaking my leg from nervousness, I got over it.

The schedule does say “be prepared to head outside sometimes”.  My exact thought: no way we’re going outside tonight.  They’ll be nice to me, take it easy and stay inside.  Um, whhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttt?

Immediately we were outside with bands and weighted bars but before we got to use those, we had to run.  Then we did squats, lunges, 180 degree turn jumps, squat down and little tee-tiny raises and releases, raises and releases…focusing on one leg.  This was also on the curb so one foot was always elevated - i.e. working harder.  THEN we got to sprint.  Oh joy.  Yippee.  Three times up and back.  Then we came and did all of the above (minus the first run) on the other leg.  Then we got to sprint again.  This time it was only twice, but longer and up half of a hill.  Then it was time for shoulder and upper body work with the weighted bar while attaching the bands for MORE resistance.  Oh and then we got to sprint again.  This time one LONG run UP the hill.  Then we did more upper body work, then another run then tricep dips.

So I’m not as fast as the other people.  So I was always last.  I kept telling myself, don’t let them mentally beat you.  You may be slower but you WILL complete EVERY thing they do.  And I did.  I also didn’t cry.  I may have teared up on the way home because I reflected and felt like the typical fat girl who is always last but screw that.  I completed and didn’t go home and didn’t quit.

But oh sweet mother, I am in pain.  Tomorrow I might cry just trying to get out of bed.  The inside of my legs are killing me - like if I did ballerina squats or pleits (I can’t spell it, even though I did take years of dance when I was younger, but you know what I mean).  One guy did ask me if I was coming back.  My answer?  I hope so.  I want to go back to prove to myself that I can and stubbornly to show all the speedsters I’m not the type of girl to give up and I may be fat but I’m working on it and I get better every week.

No.  I don’t like sprints.  But you know what?  It’s building muscle.  It will make me faster.  So there’s a positive.

I’m supposed to meet a friend to run tomorrow after work.  Yeah, that may turn into a walk but I will at least be bringing my running clothes with me just in case my legs don’t feel like lead tomorrow.

I worked out.  I challenged myself.  I grew am growing as a person.  I may have cried a little but I’m still proud of myself.  I didn’t give up and I didn’t quit.