Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back at it

I decided last night was the perfect night to head back to the gym.  I went to take a Body Pump class since I hadn't been in awhile and go for a quick run.  Well I hit some traffic on the way to the gym and by the time I got there and changed, it was almost time for class so I decided my run would have to wait until afterwards.  I think I've mentioned I can be competitive and a little stubborn sometimes so when the instructor said to load up the bar because the squat track was easy, what she meant was - if you've been coming for awhile now, you should load up the bar because it will be an easy track for you.  What I heard was - you slacker, you haven't been in awhile so you really should go all out and load up to get back in the swing of things.  Needless to say, my legs were shaking by the time we were done.  Once we got to the lunge track and even the back track, to say my legs were wobbly would be an understatement.  Once that was over, it was time for my run.  In the words of my friend, Amy, OH MY B'GOODNESS!  From the first step, I could feel the work I had just completed in Pump class but I told myself it's only 30 minutes and 3 cycles.  I can do this.  As I started the run, all I wanted to do was stop because my legs hurt but after I got into the groove, the pain lessened considerably and I was able to power through.  It also reminded of my first Sprint Tri when my friend CJ came and found me on the course towards the end.  I was walking because I was so tired and she told me I was SO close to the end, I needed to run and I could do it.  So I ran with her and as we were running I remember telling her "my calves better look AWESOME right now" and she slowed down a bit and yelled to me that they looked great.  As I was running around the track last night, I felt like my calves were popping out of my legs so I knew I was working hard.  So to get me through the last cycle I just kept laughing and repeating I was sure my calves were looking hot.  Haha.  Whatever it takes to get through a workout, right?

This should be a good week for me.  Tonight I'm doing the eliptical (give my knees a break) and swimming, tomorrow morning will be Combat and Zumba and then later in the afternoon I'm meeting a friend to go for a run (this could be a slightly painful day of running) then a few runs over the weekend as I travel to DC and Baltimore!!!  Yay!

I also signed up for a deal from (which I highly recommend signing up for living social and groupon - deals around your city) for 20 bootcamps for $20 which I think starts next week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A run, skip and a fall

I met up with another Sarah friend of mine on Monday to go for a run (apparently Sarah's and I seem to be really good friends).  I upped my intervals so now I'm running 7, walking 3 for 30 minutes.  It was great to catch up with her and be motivated by hearing about completing her first marathon!!  I'm only supposed to run for 30 minutes each time, however on Saturday's I typically do longer distances and then walk the difference.  As Sarah and I set out on our run, we decided to run from Flatwater to Pony Pastures which completed the 30 minute run/walk portion.  I suggested walking back and Sarah said we were running.  Well, Sarah won so we ran/walked back to Flatwater and I could feel the extra running in my calves and right above my heels.  Sarah, working in the sports therapy world, told me the exact muscle that was acting up...but let's be real, I don't remember it.  I know I worked hard because I basically made it home, showered, sent a few emails and was in bed.  I was tired, in pain and not feeling great.  (I forgot to turn a light off downstairs and just debated leaving it on all night because the thought of going back downstairs and climbing up the stairs again almost sent me into tears.) 

I may have gone to bed in pain, but I woke up feeling much better...though I figured it was best to give my legs a rest yesterday.  I'm keeping up my intervals with a run today, tomorrow and hopefully upping my intervals to 8 & 2 on Saturday.  It was great running and catching up with Sarah and she helped remind me that while I may have fallen from where I was at my peak, I'm still farther along than I first started on this journey.  The important part is that I'm trying.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

0 to 100

I got up this morning with the intention to go for a simple run so I went to the gym and hit the inside track.  While I was running, I decided to go ahead and up my intervals - which was awesome!  I finished my run right as combat was starting so I decided to stop in - it just happened to be the day of a new release.  Somewhere around the 2nd track, I decided this was a BAD idea.  Around the 4th or 5th track - right at the first cardio peak - I almost puked.  When I was working with my training team 1 1/2 years ago, it was my goal to work so hard that I puked, however that was not my intention this morning.  When it comes to working out, I seem to do nothing or go balls to the wall and give it everything I have; there is no halfway.  While almost puking came as a surprise, it makes me happy to know I'm pushing myself.  I may pay for it tomorrow with an incredibly sore body, but as my friend Jeff says - pain is weakness leaving the body.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Richmond weekend

This past weekend was a big weekend in Richmond.  The Monument Avenue 10k sold out and I think almost every person in Richmond was cheering on the runners, VCU played in the biggest games of their life - the final 4....and I think every TV in Richmond was turned to watch the game and support our Rams.  It's been really awesome to see the city come together and support the team.  Oh, and it was also my Daddy's birthday. (Yes, I'm 27 and call him Daddy - I'm a Daddy's girl.  Deal with it. ;) )

We hung out on the back porch, had family friends over for dinner and it was fabulous and yummy.  Leave it to my Mom to bring out the kids in 60+ year old people by placing whoopie cushions at every persons place setting.  The hilarity that ensued was priceless.  With the Monument Ave 10k, this brought the annual carb-load with the Kriegers!  It was great to see everyone and catch up.  This is also why I love my friends - not only do they come in from out of town, but they keep me accountable.  I was talking with Jorie (we used to be in a running group together) and she was asking me if I was training for anything and when I was coming back to the group.  (Ouch)  I told her once I can run my distance consistently and can get my speed back up, I'll be joining them and she told me she would keep on me about when I was coming back.  I love that my friends don't let me off the hook and hold me accountable.

I also love that my friends are up for running with me...even in (according to Sarah) snake infested areas.  I met Sarah for a run, Monday after work, by the river and we were running intervals.  We were done so we were finishing up by walking and I looked down and saw a snake which, to me, looked like it was dead.  Keep in mind, they're re-doing the on-ramp and fixing the bridge in this area, so it's a highly traveled area and construction zone.  I took a step and the snake started slithering toward me.  I have never high-stepped that high and run that fast in my life.  Sarah, who is petrified of snakes, screamed like a 5 year old girl and sprinted down the street. HA!  It was scary and my heart was racing at the time, but looking back, it's pretty funny.  When we got back to the car, we tried to re-create the terror of the snake...but we need to work on our camera timing.  I think we just kept jumping because we didn't know when the picture was actually being taken.

As we finished walking back to the car, Sarah told me she was listening to what I said but was really scanning the road for snakes and freaked out by every sound in the woods.  We made it through the we thought we deserved from Bruster's ice cream....or sherbert.  Whatever your preference.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your friends, lean on them, gather support from them, and then have fun and enjoy your life with them.