Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm trying to switch up my gym/workout routine because I seem to be getting a little bored...and a lot injured.  I couldn't pass up a groupon for barre classes since I had heard about it from people who have loved it.

I headed over for my first class and boy was I in for a surprise (and not just that I fell in love with the class)

  • Instructor asked about injuries and I told her about my IT issues and she said this will be great to strengthen it and we will stretch it!!

  • When the instructor told me we’d be doing a lot of strengthening exercises for my ITB, she wasn’t kidding

  • The classes brought back memories from my many, many years of ballet..and tap and jazz….but mostly ballet

  • It’s amazing how your mind may forget positions but they say 1st position and your body remembers it and snaps where it needs to be

  • Your posture and “ballet hands” also remember

  • I had to stop for breaks or take the lower option occasionally because it hurt so much

  • I walked out of there in pain - in the best possible way

  • I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow

  • I called 2 of my friends and told them to get the new groupon before it expired.  I hurt so much but in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

  • Now I’m icing and getting ready for tomorrow.

    I would love to try out Cross Fit but I just don't have that much extra money.  So, for now, barre classes it is and I'll see what other goodies I can find.