Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bootcamp bribes

Here is the email exchange between Tiffany and I about bootcamp yesterday.

Me:  Today.  You're going.  That is all.
Tiffany: Ummmmmm I have my clothes with me…ha…..LOL
Me (7 hours later and 90 minutes before class): I don’t wanna go.
T:  You better…’s gonna be hot as fish grease though…LOL
Me:  Meh.  Let's skip this week.
T:  NOPE!!!!!!
Me: K.  How about I skip this week?
T:  Ummmmmmm Nope to that either!!!!!
Me:  Yes but if I don’t go, I don’t have to face you until Monday.  And really that’s a holiday so we won’t have it and then I won’t see you until Wednesday and that’s a whole week and then you will have forgotten.  =D
T:  Ha ha at your  plans……Oh I will remember!!!!!  Put a smile on your face and drive to Deep Run Park for BOOTCAMP!!!!!!

All of that to say, I am so thankful to have friends that keep me accountable.  Bootcamp was the LAST place I wanted to be last night, but I went, it was hot as heck, I worked out, I sweated and I felt better afterwards.  I also picked on the trainer and called him out on a few things.  Heck, you have to keep things fun and yourself entertained, right? 

Tonight is an interval run, upping my intervals but have no fear - I'll be running the inside track at the gym.  I may be from the south but it is just too dang hot out there to be running outside. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sorry I've been so lax about getting stuff up here- I have a post from Ronnie & Deana's wedding to get up soon as I upload the pictures.  BUT this weekend I manned a yard sale for my parents since they were in the Domincan Republic...I know, I know, and I agree - I should have been in the DR on the fabulous trip.  Just kidding!  They deserved a break.  Since I was over there, I took advantage of their neighborhood and the hills that come with it.  I decided I would run to a playground area and take advantage of the different surfaces and do some strength exercises.  It's amazing how close something seems by car, yet while I was running I kept thinking it's definitely around the next curve, I guess the next curve...the next curve?  Finally, I gave up and headed home.  I went out to clock my mileage and it was a 4 mile walk/run!  I didn't realize I had gone that far and it just reinforced what you can do when you put your mind to something and you're thinking about other things.  I also realized I was only a 1/2 mile from the playground but that's okay - I got in 4 miles WITH hills!  I love when I feel accomplished!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fears and excitement

I feel that part of an adventure is facing your fears and doing things that scare you and excite you at the same time.  Here are a few of those things for me:
  • Moving to a new city and starting over
  • Getting married
  • Completing a half-Ironman (and maybe even an Ironman)
  • Starting a new job
  • Skydiving

Some things that scare me:
  • Gaining back the weight I worked so hard to lose
  • Being alone the rest of my life
  • Losing my family
  • Letting someone down/making them lose faith in me by my actions
  • Singing karaoke  :)
I believe in knowing your limits - and then shattering them and finding your new limits, in constantly pushing yourself to be better and grow as a person (in whatever way that may mean for you).  I also believe conquering your fears makes you stronger and also identifying exactly what it is that scares you helps you achieve more in the future.  Finding the root of your fears but also finding a counter-statement to what scares you.  Be honest, be vulnerable, be you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Combat, friends, gym, run. What a week!

Well this week brought Combat with friends thanks to open house week at my gym!  After the class, my friend Kristi said she thought I hated her by asking her to come to because of the intensity of the class.  However, I'm glad to report I received an email the next day saying she loved the class and felt great afterwards!  Wednesday brought bootcamp with my friend Tiffany who was there for the first time.  It was definitely better than the first one last week - the exercises were harder and more intense and the order of things were switched.  We were hanging around afterwards, waiting for the parking lot to clear out, and one of the instructors came over to talk to us.  In the course of the conversation I was able to set Tiffany up to run with the trainer before bootcamp Mondays and Wednesdays.  She just loves me right now.  Hey, you never know what will come out of my mouth - I like to help my friends out and she wanted to run. =)   It's a win-win.  Tonight was running and breaking in new shoes, which I've never had issues with before however even if you get the same brand of shoe (mine is Adidas), the cut can be different and it's going to take a few more runs to break these in.  I remember running with a friend a few years ago when she asked if I had gotten to the point where my body hurts at first and then says, well, I guess I'm running and just gets over the pain.  Tonight, it took about 7 minutes of running to hit that point.  Not too shabby.  Tomorrow brings a long day starting with a run in the morning followed by a 3 hour drive for a good friend's wedding with plenty of dancing!

30 minutes (21 running, 9 walking) - 2.15 miles. A smidge under 15 minute miles.  Do I wish I was at 10 minute miles like before?  Sure.  But I know I will get there, I just have to keep pushing myself.

Whenever I get discouraged, I think of a quote by Henry Ford - Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bootcamp, bring a friend and weigh-in's

Well today was weigh-in day and I was down 3 pounds!  I will take every bit of lost poundage I can. =)  The gym and I had some quality time last week and hopefully that will continue.  I also started going to a bootcamp on Monday - it was interesting to say the least.  This was one of the deals from the living social site, but I don't think they were expecting the response they got.  We packed the parking lot at Deep Run - people were parking in the grass, on the side of the road, on hills (yay for 4 wheel drive, right?).  I think they'll have to adjust the exercises they do and how they go about structuring the activities but it seemed to get off to a good start.  However I do have to rant about one thing - complainers at bootcamp.  Don't get me wrong, I groaned a little when they told us what we were doing - mainly on the burpees, supermans, and the v hold but I did them and I didn't say one word about it.  The people around me were griping saying "I'm out of shape", "Why are you making us do this?", "you're horrible" and so much more which really irritated me.  I get that you're out of shape; most of us are which is why we signed up for the bootcamp.  You know how you fix that?  You work out, you go to bootcamp, do the exercises and get stronger.  You voluntarily signed up for these classes - you weren't forced.  If you don't want to be here, then don't come; if you do want to be here, then hush your mouth and get to work!  And now I'll get off of my soap box.

I'm having a mini freak out thinking about the 5k's in DC and Atlanta next month and will I be ready?  I'm about 2 weeks behind on my running plan but I'm running tonight (the weather is AMAZING!) and will up my intervals again but I was hoping to be farther along in my training so I could do speed work because I selfishly want to beat a few *certain* people in these races.  Good, healthy competition goes a long way. =)  It seems I will be frequenting DC quite a bit - I was up there this weekend to visit a friend and then we headed to Baltimore to see Brian Regan who was hilarious!  It was my first time in Baltimore though I really want to go back and visit the inner harbor, however if you're up there and looking for a diner - I highly recommend the Paper Moon Diner (not to be confused with the gentleman's club in Richmond).  It was delicious and they have quite an array of food.  Be sure to try the fried green beans.

The week ahead brings more bootcamps (hello 8 AM Saturday morning), running and gym time.  HEAD'S UP FOR RICHMONDERS - American Family (my gym) is having 'bring a friend' week next week (5/9-5/15) so if you're up for a workout and some fun classes, let me know and you can come as my friend.  (I highly recommend Combat Monday nights at 7:30.)  I love working out with people so this will be fun!  Until next time - go have your own adventure - and then tell me about it!!!  :)