Thursday, June 21, 2012


Tonight was my 6th CrossFit class and I am hooked and in love!  The people are great; super friendly and encouraging.  I find myself counting down the days, minutes and seconds until I get to go back again.  I've wanted to try out CrossFit for awhile now but knew it was crazy expensive.  You know what else is crazy expensive?  Health care.  Spend a bit more money now for a healthy life and a better life in the future.  It's worth it. 

Find what you love.  Do what you love.  Be happy.  Simple as that.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm trying to switch up my gym/workout routine because I seem to be getting a little bored...and a lot injured.  I couldn't pass up a groupon for barre classes since I had heard about it from people who have loved it.

I headed over for my first class and boy was I in for a surprise (and not just that I fell in love with the class)

  • Instructor asked about injuries and I told her about my IT issues and she said this will be great to strengthen it and we will stretch it!!

  • When the instructor told me we’d be doing a lot of strengthening exercises for my ITB, she wasn’t kidding

  • The classes brought back memories from my many, many years of ballet..and tap and jazz….but mostly ballet

  • It’s amazing how your mind may forget positions but they say 1st position and your body remembers it and snaps where it needs to be

  • Your posture and “ballet hands” also remember

  • I had to stop for breaks or take the lower option occasionally because it hurt so much

  • I walked out of there in pain - in the best possible way

  • I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow

  • I called 2 of my friends and told them to get the new groupon before it expired.  I hurt so much but in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

  • Now I’m icing and getting ready for tomorrow.

    I would love to try out Cross Fit but I just don't have that much extra money.  So, for now, barre classes it is and I'll see what other goodies I can find.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Ragnar, raising and fun!

    The first time I heard about running relays was a few months ago from sweaty Emily who ran Hood to Coast.  I thought anyone who did them was CRAZY and must be an Olympic athlete - because who else would/could do something like that? 

    As I was checking the blogs I follow, I came across a post about the Ragnar Relay (200 total miles in 2 days by 12 runners) and this person was looking for more interested people to complete their team.  Being the inquisitive person I am, I clicked on the link just to see what this race was all about and to check out the running legs.  You know you're in a bad position when your particular legs are Hard, Extremely Hard and Extemely Hard - lucky runner #12.  Though, in fairness, some of the legs are rated easy (a few) and moderate with only a few extremely hard's thrown in...for good measure of course.  As I read more about this, I kept getting more and more excited at the thought of doing this race....who am I???

    Then I read the date and saw it was April 21st - 1 week before my Nashville half.  For those of you who don't know, I am doing the Shamrock Half in March and the Nashville half in April.  I just couldn't pass up the opportunity once I saw I could run for a good cause - Project Orange Laces / ING Run for Something Better.  It's an organization that looks to put running and health programs into schools to help combat childhood obesity.  Isn't that awesome?!?!  As a shameless plug, if you feel like giving - and EVERY dollar helps! - here is my support page. 

    I immediately thought, unfortunately there is no way I can do the 200 mile race and then turn around and run a hilly half marathon.  I will absolutely shred my legs in Ragnar.  But I think I've got the bug because all I can think about is Ragnar!  I guess I need to make a decision (and soon) if I'm going to join this crazy team of people I've never met to run an EPIC race.  Fun, California, new people and an adventure!  What more could a girl want?!?!

    Saturday, December 3, 2011

    Race re-cap...of the WORST race EVER

    Let me start by saying Erica and I left her place at 6:00 for what normally takes 20 minutes to get to National Harbor for the official start time of 7:30.  We sat on on the bridge from VA to MD (1.5 miles) for a good 90 minutes.  At 8:00 we pulled into our parking space.  Then we had to hike to the start line (that no one was really sure where it was or could tell us how to get there.)  We tried to follow some people we saw walking only to be told to get off the path….with no word of another option to get to the start except go up.  Up where???

    We hoof it up the hill and before I had time to let my heart rate drop down and breathe normally again, we stepped into the first spot in an open corral we could find and down the hill we went.  No more than 5 minutes in and I was slammed into from behind because the race came to a walk (this happened in 3 separate locations).  We didn’t have the whole road to ourselves and the GRAVEL trail around the harbor was crazy small - too many people on too small of a surface.  Not only was it frustrating, it was dangerous.
    From what I have been told, the race was changed from the race map some people received.   I can tell you I was told there was 1 hill and there were in fact 3 very large, 1 long, 1 steep hill.  I ran the first 13 minutes of the race (I’m including the forced walking b/c that wasn’t my fault), walked 2 and then tried to start the next 13 but after hoofing it up the hill and not having a chance to catch my breath, I knew I couldn’t make it 13 so I adjusted to run 5 walk 2.  Then we hit the first hill and I ran as much as I could and walked the rest of the way, come to a little bit of a flat area and started running only to meet the 2nd hill (long hill) about 45 seconds later.  I had to walk it.  Granted, I then tried to run 15 seconds, walk 15, run 30 seconds, walk 30 and then it was run to the sign.  Finally a downhill came and unfortunately we passed another runner that had fallen and people were around here screaming for help.  It took a little bit but then a policeman ran over.  Um, where was the medic they were yelling for?  I actually never saw an ambulance but Erica said she saw a few.  So I kept running to then come to the 3rd and final hill (steep hill…also the hill we had to hoof it up to start).  Please tell me - why the crap would you finish a race on an UP hill?????

    After that we had to walk at least 1/2 mile up yet another hill to get to the chocolate.  We were promised fondue and hot chocolate.  In case you were wondering, yes, that means no other food after the race.  I ran the 5k and the rich chocolate didn’t sit well with me.  If I had run a 15k, I would have probably puked.  Also they made it seem like it was unlimited fondue (read: unlimited food) but that wasn’t the case.  I didn’t even have half my chocolate nor did I finish all my food (which btw, the banana was brown, slimy and disgusting - looking like they had cut it in half yesterday).  There were unlimited porta potties up there but leading up the 3/4+ mile trek to the start of the race?  Two.  Yes, 2 porta potties.  From what I was told, around 20,000 people signed up for the race?  I checked the numbers and 15,443 finished the race.  Imagine if the other 4557 runners showed up.

    I understand this was their first race in DC but they teamed up with a DC store that does/coordinates many races that flow seamlessly.  I just don’t understand how they could have screwed this up so royally.  It seems like they were only in it for the money - it was a hefty entry fee but deemed worth it because of all that was supposed to be included and the race was supposed to be run.  I don’t see me doing this race again in the future.

    I checked the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k facebook page and people are PISSED and laying into them about the poor organization and so much more.  If you want a chuckle, check it out.  One thing I found interesting is they seem to blame the traffic on an accident that took longer to clear than they were told.  Funny, no one saw an accident…even the people who got to the race early/on time.
    • I feel bad for the people who made it in time for the race start who had to wait 45 minutes past the original start time to the adjusted 8:15 start time due to “traffic”.
    • I heard a girl say that she trained so hard for the race so she could run the whole thing but that chance was taken away from her due to the course and forced walking.
    • I feel bad for the 15k people who had to wait over an hour for their race to start.
    • It was also freezing at the top where the food was but there were no heaters.
    • After reading the races facebook page, for those who chose the shuttle bus option, apparently the drivers weren’t told where to go or where to drop off the racers.  Some had to walk 2 miles to the start line.
    • This was also some racers first race and some mentioned they never wanted to race again because they assume all races are like that.  Which kind of breaks my heart.
    That said, it was a race.  I went out there and did it.  So there’s a plus.

    Pardon my rant but that’s my recap.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    I survived the reunion!

    If you couldn’t tell from my post before, I was pretty nervous about this reunion.  If you needed more reassurance of this - you could have looked at my luggage.  When I pulled into the hotel Saturday afternoon, I had to get a luggage cart to help me with my stuff.  Yes, that’s right.  Just MY stuff.  I couldn’t carry everything in one trip; that’s how you know I’m nervous.  I needed options from what to wear, the jewelry, coats, shoes, etc.  Options = lots o’ crap.

    I ended up heading downtown to the club where the reunion was held with my friend Meredith but before that, I headed over to her house to meet her.  Thankfully I had a few extra minutes because somehow I didn’t remember to grab EVERYTHING from my car and left my tights and purse options in my car.  (see - LOTS o’ crap)  After that situation was sorted out, I kind of said to heck with all of this.  I’m just going to do what I want.

    The reunion was at a club which, initially, I thought was kind of weird.  Have I mentioned I’m fat and don’t like clubs because I get self conscious?  Ohhh, that’s right.  Well we got to the door and had to pay to get in…yes, it was cheaper if you paid ahead of time but I’m not going to lie - I wasn’t 100% sure until I was in the car and parking downtown that I was going to actually make it to this reunion.  Good thing Meredith and I shared the same opinion and decided, if we didn’t like it, we could leave after a little bit and just go somewhere for drinks.  Did I mention the guy taking the money at the door was Matt, who I had a crush on for all 3 years that I went to that high school.  Ha.  (Yes, Matt Hester, if you are reading this, I had a crush on you in high school but I'm pretty sure you were aware of it back then).  I was surprised he knew who I was/recognized me and even asked me about the Virginia Tech/Virginia game; I hadn’t even put anything about that on facebook.  But lets not forget, I’m nervous so I just start talking about football and head in the door.  Whoops.  No clue what’s going on with him now.  I know, I’m socially awkward.  I embrace it.

    The summary of the night - I saw a few people I recognized, a lot I recognized and wished I didn’t, even MORE people who either names sounded familiar but didn’t recognize them or recognized them but couldn’t place their name OR just thought - did I graduate with you?  Because I don’t remember you at all.  Going into this I thought, we’re all 10 years older and mature, I can talk to these people.  It will be fine.  And for some, that was definitely the case.  But sometimes the bitchy girls will always be the bitchy girls and the cliques will remain cliquey.  And I know how horrible this sounds but there was one guy there I could not place to save my life and I asked someone who that was and it turns out it was a guy I had lots of classes with who wasn’t exactly making fun of me about my weight but wasn’t super friendly either.  I’m sorry for saying this but guess who’s a chunker?  Did it sort of make my night to see that he had put on a LOT of weight?  Yes.  Yes it did.  I’m not even going to lie.  It also took every ounce of restraint not to walk over and say hi and casually mention that I have run a half marathon and done a triathlon.  But I digress.

    We ended up staying for about 2 1/2 hours which is longer than I thought we would make it and ended up going to a wine bar afterwards.  (This is Meredith and I at the wine bar.  There were no good pictures of me that night and I’m okay with that).


    Yeah, because more wine is what we needed.  (note the sarcasm)  Turns out?  Our bartender?  Definitely graduated with him and definitely didn’t recognize him.  Overall, I’m glad I went.  I saw a few people I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and I proved to myself I could go.  I did back into my shell a little bit and then I thought to myself - that’s not who you are anymore.  So get out there and dance!  And I did.  :)

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    10 year reunion? Already??

    I headed up to the DC area yesterday for a little outlet shopping because I wanted to hit up a fun store - Torrid.  They have lots of fun, flirty, hip clothes.  I guess I should back this up and explain why - my 10 year high school reunion is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Granted, I’m not super excited about it being the Saturday after Thanksgiving, especially since niether my family nor I live in Charlotte anymore but I'm also kind of excited to see who shows up and to see how I handle the situation.  Being overweight in high school, I wasn’t popular or in with the “popular” crowd but I didn’t hate it either…however I’m nervous thinking about running into some of these people from my past.

    I’m definitely much more outgoing and more articulate of how I feel than I was in high school, but the thought of running into these people again is nervewracking and also sort of sends me back to high school.  Am I going to be shy?  Am I going to be too nervous to talk to people?  Will I make it in the door??? I also recently found out the reunion is going to be at some club uptown (Charlotte doesn’t like to call it downtown.  Weird.  I know.)  So, of course, my first thought was - what the crap am I going to wear?  Hence, my little shopping extravaganza.

    Also, when did I get to be so much of an adult that it’s almost time for my high school reunion???  I honestly don’t know if I can walk in the door to this thing…but at least I’ll look hot while driving there.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    I survived bootcamp...barely.

    I had fabulous plans for getting a bunch of stuff done tonight…and then I took bootcamp.  I thought, sure, this will be great, it will challenge me, I’ll do something new and build some muscle.

    Um, yes, it challenged me.  Yes, I do enjoy running but only when I want to run.  If you tell me to run, I will not want to.  If you tell me to sprint, I will curse you under my breath.  Welcome to my evening.

    Apparently these people are like their only little family which was kind of awesome to see but made me feel like I was in high school, walking into the “cool clique” and while I may have sat there, waiting dreading the start and shaking my leg from nervousness, I got over it.

    The schedule does say “be prepared to head outside sometimes”.  My exact thought: no way we’re going outside tonight.  They’ll be nice to me, take it easy and stay inside.  Um, whhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttt?

    Immediately we were outside with bands and weighted bars but before we got to use those, we had to run.  Then we did squats, lunges, 180 degree turn jumps, squat down and little tee-tiny raises and releases, raises and releases…focusing on one leg.  This was also on the curb so one foot was always elevated - i.e. working harder.  THEN we got to sprint.  Oh joy.  Yippee.  Three times up and back.  Then we came and did all of the above (minus the first run) on the other leg.  Then we got to sprint again.  This time it was only twice, but longer and up half of a hill.  Then it was time for shoulder and upper body work with the weighted bar while attaching the bands for MORE resistance.  Oh and then we got to sprint again.  This time one LONG run UP the hill.  Then we did more upper body work, then another run then tricep dips.

    So I’m not as fast as the other people.  So I was always last.  I kept telling myself, don’t let them mentally beat you.  You may be slower but you WILL complete EVERY thing they do.  And I did.  I also didn’t cry.  I may have teared up on the way home because I reflected and felt like the typical fat girl who is always last but screw that.  I completed and didn’t go home and didn’t quit.

    But oh sweet mother, I am in pain.  Tomorrow I might cry just trying to get out of bed.  The inside of my legs are killing me - like if I did ballerina squats or pleits (I can’t spell it, even though I did take years of dance when I was younger, but you know what I mean).  One guy did ask me if I was coming back.  My answer?  I hope so.  I want to go back to prove to myself that I can and stubbornly to show all the speedsters I’m not the type of girl to give up and I may be fat but I’m working on it and I get better every week.

    No.  I don’t like sprints.  But you know what?  It’s building muscle.  It will make me faster.  So there’s a positive.

    I’m supposed to meet a friend to run tomorrow after work.  Yeah, that may turn into a walk but I will at least be bringing my running clothes with me just in case my legs don’t feel like lead tomorrow.

    I worked out.  I challenged myself.  I grew am growing as a person.  I may have cried a little but I’m still proud of myself.  I didn’t give up and I didn’t quit.