Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 year reunion? Already??

I headed up to the DC area yesterday for a little outlet shopping because I wanted to hit up a fun store - Torrid.  They have lots of fun, flirty, hip clothes.  I guess I should back this up and explain why - my 10 year high school reunion is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Granted, I’m not super excited about it being the Saturday after Thanksgiving, especially since niether my family nor I live in Charlotte anymore but I'm also kind of excited to see who shows up and to see how I handle the situation.  Being overweight in high school, I wasn’t popular or in with the “popular” crowd but I didn’t hate it either…however I’m nervous thinking about running into some of these people from my past.

I’m definitely much more outgoing and more articulate of how I feel than I was in high school, but the thought of running into these people again is nervewracking and also sort of sends me back to high school.  Am I going to be shy?  Am I going to be too nervous to talk to people?  Will I make it in the door??? I also recently found out the reunion is going to be at some club uptown (Charlotte doesn’t like to call it downtown.  Weird.  I know.)  So, of course, my first thought was - what the crap am I going to wear?  Hence, my little shopping extravaganza.

Also, when did I get to be so much of an adult that it’s almost time for my high school reunion???  I honestly don’t know if I can walk in the door to this thing…but at least I’ll look hot while driving there.

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